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Prison Broadcasting Network

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IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH: Please read before you continue....

In January 2012, the former Area Commissioner of Pollsmoor shut down all operations of Prison Broadcasting Network (PBN) citing our services "no longer relevant to the rehabilitation of inmates in Pollsmoor due to it becoming an awaiting trial prison," as the reason. Our services included rehabilitative services in training, production and broadcasting in radio, music and television as well as trauma and biblical counselling.

PBN has been successfully rehabilitating offenders for the past 15 years for free and without any government funding. Awaiting-trial offenders receive no rehabilitation but we argued that many of our services are relevant to both sentenced and awaiting-trial offenders.

Despite continuous efforts for over a year to have our services reinstated - imploring the Minister, National Commissioner and Parliamentary Portfolio Committee of Correctional Services as well as the President to step in, our doors still remained shut. Even a public statement issued by the former Minister of Correctional Services stating that PBN's services were to be reinstated and rolled-out to all prisons in the country, which was broadcast on all South Africa's national television news channels in February 2012, did not materilise.

A National Prison TV Station which we also proposed and offered for free to the highest ranking officals in Correctional Services in August 2011 was also affected by the shut down.

If you are reading this from somewhere other than South Africa and believe PBN can assist your country's prisons with the 15 year model we have created, please contact us. Kindly email your comments to